The After Math of ConsumerReports Verdict On The iPhone 4

by Ferman Aziz

Apple is seeing a fall in its stock this morning which started trading at $255.84 and dropped by nearly ten points to $246.55 in mid-morning trading, losing as much as $9 billion in market capital. Shares seem to be recovering now at $249 per share. Experts called it a direct result of the verdict given by ConsumerReports yesterday which came as a confirmation of the new iPhone’s faulty design and not a software issue.

Apple probably expected this after the highly trusted and objective declined to back the iPhone 4 through its platform as it deleted a lot of negative comments and threads from its support forums yesterday. This has generated even more backlash from users who were of the opinion that deleting threads won’t make the actual problem go away and maybe Apple should devote more time into fixing the iPhone’s flaws rather than censoring forums.

This faux pass has come after the 2 earlier mishandlings of the situations by Apple where it blamed the users for holding the phone wrong and later accepting the problem but blaming it on faulty software.

It didn’t help matters when the highly popular TV show ‘Top Gear’ joined in on teasing Apple over the iPhone 4’s ‘death grip’. The show has a huge fan following and tech fanatics listen and notice when Jeremy Clarkson and Co. talk about a gadget. It looks like Apple needs to come clean on its short comings and take the first step towards cleaning up this train wreck of a situation.

Check out the Top Gear video:

[via CrunchGear]

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