Google Bringing A Movie Renting Site

by Ferman Aziz

Online entertainment (Music, TV, Movies) viewing is already reported to be going almost parallel to conventional viewing and experts predict that it won’t be long before majority of entertainment consumption will be done online. The popularity of services like YouTube, iTunes, Hulu, Netflix , Amazon video rental and a number of others is a proof of the growing online renting and viewing phenomenon.

Google owns YouTube and it has been testing a movie rental program for the last few months and now Financial Times is reporting that Google is in talks with all major Hollywood film companies to bring a ‘Pay- Per- View- Movies’ service before the end of this year. The report claims that Google plans on launching a separate site for the purpose but it’ll be either part of or connected to YouTube and Google would use its massive search and video empires to direct new users to the service.

Financial Times also claims that the service will charge $ 5 per movie but it’s not confirmed yet. It better not be true as this is the highest price any service would be charging and it could prove suicidal. Apple is about to launch its TV rental program via iTunes for a mere 99 cents and though movies do cost more to make, $ 5 dollars is still not a realistic demand. It’s higher than Amazon Video on Demand and Google would want to beat the existing services, not get killed at launch.

Netflix just signed a 5 year deal of almost $ 1 billion to stream movies from Paramount, Lionsgate and MGM and it’s no surprise that net giants like Google have decided to jump in to the market that is sure to grow more than any other in the coming days.

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