Hackers Claim iOS 4.1 Jailbreak Is Here

by Ferman Aziz

In less than 24 hours of the official iOS 4.1 release, hackers have successfully jailbroken the new software update. The claim came to light from a hacker called pod2g who claims he’s found an exploit that will allow a jailbreak of iOS 4.1 and other hackers from the jailbreaking community have confirmed it. The hacker announced the jailbreak via his Twitter page claiming that it works on iPhone 4, iPod 4g and also on iPads.

Apple fixed the security hole that caused the iPhone 4 jailbreak with an update and if this jailbreak is actually real as user comments on the web suggest, Apple may need to come up with another update soon. This time, however, the update might need to be a hardware one if Apple wishes to fix the problem. This is because this particular jailbreak is based on a boot ROM exploit, meaning it targets a low-level part of the OS, and Apple will have to update the hardware – not the software – to patch it.

This is definitely not good news for the company as it means that most iOS devices, regardless of the iOS version they have installed, may be vulnerable to the exploit: iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, the iPad, and so on.

Jailbreaking is now legal in the US but it still voids your warranty and if you jailbroke your device before, you probably didn’t update your software when Apple released the patch to the PDF security hole. If you want to upgrade your devices to iOS 4.1 and keep it jailbroken, you should probably wait for the jailbreak to become available first to users as it’s still in development. Updating now will make you lose your previous jailbreak and the new jailbreak is yet to come out publicly.

[via Mashable]

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