iPhone 4 Jailbroken And Unlocked

by Ferman Aziz

George Hotz is the guy responsible for unlocking and jailbreaking the original iPhone which basically means that he found a way to make the device run on GSM networks other than the one it was designed for and modified it to be able to install third party applications not approved by Apple.

Hotz posted an article on his blog and announced on his Twitter page that he has successfully unlocked and jailbroken the iPhone 4 but won’t be putting it out publicly. As a result, the guy was bombarded by nasty reactions and comments calling his claims to be false, even though he had posted a photo of the iPhone 4 running Cydia (an alternative App Store) while connected to Bell Canada.

George Hotz has now deleted his Twitter page and made his blog private but it’s official that the new iPhone has been unlocked and jailbroken and the formula may not be available yet for public at large but it’s sure to happen any day soon.

Here is the video proof:

[via MobileCrunch]

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