Adobe Flash Disappears From New Macs. Install Yourself, Says Apple

by Ferman Aziz

The new MacBook Air is all the rage currently with fans and critics alike who have been playing with and reviewing it ever since its Wednesday launch. It has been torn apart to take a look inside and lots of interesting facts have come out like the absence of a traditional hard drive.

The latest update doing rounds on the internet is software based and it’s not so surprising. It looks like Apple is taking its hatred for Adobe Flash to the next level as the new MacBook Air does not have it pre installed and never will again. The change will extend to other Macs too in the near future.

Despite Apple’s dislike, Adobe Flash featured on Mac OS X till now but not any more. It’s a relief that Apple is not completely banning Flash but only telling users to download and install it directly from if they wish to have it on their machines.

Apple spokesman Bill Evans told Engadget,

We’re happy to continue to support Flash on the Mac, and the best way for users to always have the most up to date and secure version is to download it directly from Adobe.

Though it’s not a big deal for users to download Flash on their Macs and keep them updated whenever new versions are rolled out, it just shows that Apple prefers its own core technologies over those produced by third parties. Users have complained about outdated versions of Flash on OS X with security exploits and bugs in the past which was bizarre, to say the least.

The new OS X Lion launches in summer 2011 and now it’s confirmed that it won’t be bringing the Flash Player with it, however powerful and futuristic it may be. Guess users should just be thankful it’s not banned altogether.


[via Engadget]

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