Users Complain About Apple’s New Game Centre’s Friend Restriction

by Ferman Aziz

When Apple launched its new Game Centre at this year’s iPod event with the iOS 4.1, it claimed to outdo competitors like Sony and Nintendo in the online gaming market. The Game Centre went live on 8th September when the iOS 4.1 was officially released and users started signing up and adding friends with passionate frenzy.

In just a few days though, complaints have started pouring in from addicted power players who reached 500 friends and found that they can’t add any more friends to their account. Apparently, there is a restriction of 500 friends per account. The accounts stop showing any more friend requests once you reach the number and pending requests only show when a friend is deleted and the number goes down to 499. Even then you only see one request though you may have more than one.

This is something that will not go down well with avid users who like adding fellow game enthusiasts from around the world. There is no information whether the people who send you a friend request know that you have reached your friend limit and hence can not see their request. This will create misunderstandings between users who might believe that a friend is ignoring an add request while actually he/she will not even see the request.

Apple has yet to comment on the issue and if they want to appease the user base and achieve the dream of becoming the ultimate gaming platform on the web, they’ll have to lift the restriction and create the required infrastructure as soon as possible.

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