Apple Realises Mistake, BitTorrent App Removed

by Ferman Aziz

No more free entertainment content on your iPhone. It was bound to happen and it finally has. It is now confirmed that Apple was indeed duped by the name of the BitTorrent app that it recently approved. The app was called IS Drive and it was disguised as a tool for ImageShack but of course it could be adapted to download all sorts of pirated content from other torrent sites.

The app developer went on record saying that he always thought that if he didn’t mention the words torrent or bittorrent in the name and description of the app, Apple will probably approve it. All tech blogs and writers reported the faux pas and of course Apple realised their mistake as they have a strict anti-piracy policy.

The app developer, Derek Kepner, was contacted by Apple and informed that his app will be removed from the app store but Kepner is not letting go without a fight. He has decided to make an appeal to the company to reconsider their decision. Kepner’s argument is that the BitTorrent is used for much more than downloading illegal files and that the app itself does not infringe on any copyright.

Kepner is of course fighting a useless fight as Apple is surely not going to let the app make a re entry in the app store after banning it once. All those who already have it downloaded can continue to enjoy the free fruits but the rest of you, tough luck!

 BitTorrent App Removed

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