Check Out iPhone 4’s Crystal Clear Retina Display

by Ferman Aziz

iPhone 4’s new Crystal Clear Retina Display was the talk of the town last week at the WWDC 20120. Reviewers called it nothing short of a miracle and it seems such claims can’t be just brushed off as biased fawning from faithful iPhone users. It was revealed that the pixel density of the iPhone 4 is four times that of the iPhone 3, meaning it is a mind boggling 326 pixels per inch. However, Steve Jobs’ claim of the smartphone’s resolution surpassing that of the unaided human eye was shot down by sources at Wired .

Several reviewers and bloggers have been given access to the new and most awaited smartphone and a video and photos posted by Robert Scoble proves the fact that the new iPhone very rightly claims offering the best display in the world.

[via Mashable]

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