VLC Player Debuts On The iPad

by Ferman Aziz

The impossible continues to happen at the Apple App Store as the company which previously rejected any thing that was even slightly competitive, has just approved the app for the VLC multimedia player. Now, we know that VLC is an open source multimedia player and allowing it on the iPad means that you can now play AVI, Quicktime movies and basically all possible video content without having to convert them to iTunes.

This is being called as the dawn of a new era for Apple as a company as allowing non Apple compatible content on iOS devices is a huge step which seemed unlikely to ever happen just a few days ago.

The VLC media player comes with a bunch of Codecs and plays anything from legal to pirated content available on the internet. Developers can build on top of it without any hindrances and they will which is good news for people who want to explore content outside the Apple store.

The free app is now available on the App store and you can now start playing all kinds of video content on your iPad natively. You can download the app here .

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